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This post is sponsored by Febreze but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Every year my family throws a HUGE Superbowl party. It doesn't matter which teams play - it's definitely a tradition and something I look forward to every year. The food, the drinks, the laughs, and the time spent with my family. I truly couldn't ask for more. Super Bowl parties are just a great time - but you know what can cause an offensive foul at a party? Odors. No worries, Febreze has you covered. Whether you are preparing before your party with all those Super Bowl foods, in need of some serious odor elimination during the party, or want to remove any lingering odors and get your home back to smelling fresh and clean after the party - Febreze is the only way to go! ! 

Now, let's talk about Febreze. Febreze with OdorClear Technology cleans away odors in two simple ways: 1. seeks out tough odors and 2. cleans them away by deactivating and replacing them with a light, fresh scent. Simple, right? But that's not all. Febreze AIR with OdorClear Technology is their toughest formula to date. It contains a complex of 3 different types of odor cleaning technologies plus long-lasting scents, like my favorite scent, Meadows & Rain. Goodbye odors, Hello Superbowl party.

This Superbowl season, be a Hall of Fame-worthy party host (or like me, guest) and put some Febreze in your shopping cart to prep for the big game. With all the pizza, nachos, and drinks, drinks and MORE drinks, that are going to be served up, you just CAN'T forget the odor-eliminating MVP of any party. It's top on my list and you know when Terrell Owens agrees, Febreze is a must-have, as seen in his light hearted, funny video.


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