Gerber Baby Food Purees – Just Like Homemade♥

When it comes to feeding my sweet girl, I only give her the best. From breastfeeding, to what we eat and the occasional puree baby food in between. But as a mom constantly on the go, I'll admit it, sometimes I purchase baby food from the grocery store. You'll always find me reading and comparing the nutritional facts just to make sure I choose what's best for her. And with so many misleading baby food options, I know I can always trust Gerber, and when I found Gerber's 2nd Foods® Purees Apple and Carrots jars, I was beyond excited and couldn't wait to bring them home and try them with Ava.

Gerber's promise Anything For Baby is truly kept as they add nothing that baby doesn't need, which is why I always choose Gerber. Not only are their fruits and vegetables grown using Clean Field Farming practices but they are textured like homemade and taste like homemade (yes, I tried it myself). Each serving of Gerber's 2nd Foods® Apple puree, contains 2/3 of Apples! And the only other ingredient is vitamin C, so when I say, it's as close to homemade as if I had made it myself, you'll really believe me.

These Gerber food puree's have been a such win-win for the both of us. I'm happy because I'm giving Ava the best nutrition possible, even when I'm not preparing it myself, and she's happy because they are also delicious. I truly couldn't ask for more in a baby food. Could you?

And don't just take my word. Try them yourself, and be sure to use these printable Gerber coupons


  1. Gerber baby food purees helped us out a few times while we were on vacation and didn't have a refrigerator to store our homemade food! Even though it wasn't homemade, I liked that the ingredient list was simple and healthy!

  2. This is very educative and encouraging

  3. We love Gerber baby food! The only brand we use!

  4. I love gerber baby food. My son is such a foodie he goes through so much.

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