Weight Loss Journey - Update #1♥

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You know that feeling you get, when your clothes don't fit right and you just don't feel good about yourself? That was me, 4 weeks ago. And I know what you're thinking, "Alyssa you just had a baby a few months ago". But, I felt myself slipping into bad eating habits, and constantly using breastfeeding as an excuse. My friend and I decided to challenge ourselves and cut out sweets for 4 weeks.

 Here is my first update. 

I started this challenge weighing 164 lbs! I think the hardest part about this challenge was strictly drinking water. I find water so boring. But, guess what?! I did it. I had no cheat days, no slip ups, I did small at home workouts and I lost, 7 lbs!!!! And the best part? I have more healthy eating habits.

I put my family to the test as well and they joined in on this 4 week challenge, which was great because boy oh boy did we go through juice. Now, my girls ask for water constantly! We have more energy. And, I love that my girls want to prepare healthy meals together, instead of cakes and cookies.

Here is my new challenge.

14 Day Weight Loss Challenge

  • No Sweets
  • No Soda
  • 30 Minute Workout
  • No Bread
  • More Fiber
  • No Pasta
  • More Vegtables
  • No Alcohol
  • More Green Tea
  • No Red Meat
  • More Fish Or Chicken
  • No Trans Fat
  • Keep A Food Journal

What I love about this Challenge is not only am I taking away, I'm replacing with healthier options. The hardest part I think is going to be adding more green tea and fish to my diet. And ,for my next post, I'll include a before and after and maybe some new recipes! Wish me luck. 


  1. Best of luck on your journey! I Need to lose some weight, too, and I have been trying to eat really healthy!

  2. The nonsoda is a huge one. You will see a big difference and feel so much better. Keep us post d. I’m rooting for you.

  3. Good luck with your challenge. You can do it! I do need to start watching what I eat, but I love carbs too much.

  4. Good luck! Congrats on your loss! Keep it up!

  5. I have done drinking just water, it is amazing after your body gets use to it how good you feel. I also try not to eat after 6pm, that helps me with my goal.

  6. Congrats on your weight loss! I like that you are making realistic steps in your weight loss journey, this seems very doable.

  7. Great job on your weight loss. I'm sure it has it's challenges. Keep up the great work.

  8. I'm glad I don't drink soda, but the hardest part for me would be no pasta. Good luck and keep it up. I'm glad your family is on board. They say a big problem with why some people fail has to do with other family members bringing bad things home or not being on board with the changes. With that support behind you, you got this!

  9. Great job on your weightloss! My goal last year was to live a clean eating lifestyle for 1 year. It was so wonderful that I decided to just keep it up! It really does make a difference in your life!

  10. Good luck with your challenge. I need to challenge myself to drink more water, honestly. I don't drink enough of it.

  11. I am on month 2 of my journey! Good luck and keep your head up. :)

  12. Just like you said, it's not about taking away certain foods and depriving yourself of them. It's all about balance and finding the best alternatives. Keep on doing what you're doing and thanks for sharing your super inspirational journey!

  13. I've been on this same type of journey the last three months. It's all about sticking to it. Good luck to you!

  14. So happy for you!! Keep up the good work! I agree while the weight loss is awesome it's the better eating habits that truly matter and will keep you on track!

  15. I love it when the whole family joins the fitness challenge, suddenly the whole plan is easier to accomplish and you feel more motivated. Congratulations on your weight loss and here's to keeping up with your healthy lifestyle!

  16. Keep it up[! The journey only gets easier and better for everyone!

  17. This is such a good fitness plan! I cut out all meat since August and I love it.


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