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5 Tips For Traveling With An Infant♥

Traveling with an infant always feels nerve wrecking. Question after question will pop in your head. What if my infant gets fussy? What if she won't sleep in a new atmosphere? And let's not even talk about changing her diaper in a germy bathroom. But, traveling in my family is a must and just because you have a new baby, face it, traveling won't stop. Between dance competitions, trips to the beach and let's not forget our annual Disney on Ice shows. I decided to come up with 5 (stress-free) traveling tips! These tips have helped me so much and I hope they will help you too. Well, let's get started.

Pack your car the night before
Just thinking about leaving my house for a trip is overwhelming. With 2 children and an infant, I tend to over pack. But what helps me the most is packing the night before and making sure our car is ready to go. Organization is key (and doing it while the kids are napping or down for the night) I personally like to start with a to pack list. Could you imagine trying to remember everything per child? Not me! 

First take a deep breath and start with a to pack list per child. Thankfully my older ones like to help and make sure they have everything they need, so I just have to worry about baby. Packing for an infant can be difficult. Plus, keep in mind it varies by age. My little one is 3 weeks old and the most important thing I pack for her are DIAPERS and onesies!!! Along with her On-the-Go Baby Dome, I never leave home without it, and of course her stroller. I also like to keep a diaper bag in the front of the car for easy access.

Plan a break (or two)
I like to start with short trips, a 30 minute trip for an infant can go smoothly or terribly wrong. You don't want to learn that the hard way on a 2,000 mile trip. If you are taking a 4 hour trip, plan a few stops. If you're little one eats every 2 hours, plan your breaks during her feeding times. If you're formula feeding, remember to pack your own water and a bottle warmer. And for those germy bathrooms you want to avoid, pack a changing pad (which come with most diaper bags). 

Eat Smart
Going out to eat with an infant is tricky anywhere, but even more so when you're going to tourist-y areas. The wait is usually long, the places are packed, and well, you're just exhausted. Bring plenty of food and drinks along with you in the car, and if you can, try and book a hotel that has a kitchen so you can cook your own food and avoid crowded restaurants.

Get a Mirror
Infants should be rear-facing which means you can't always see what she's up to without stopping the car and if the kids are sleeping, you can't ask them. Before I even had my daughter I installed a mirror. It's peace of mind and avoids the frequent pulling over. Less stress, always makes the perfect trip.

Remember, the purpose of this trip is to make memories
While this trip may seem stressful at first, remember you are making new memories with your family. Your infant may not remember it but your other children will (as will you). Don't fuss over the little things, though they may seem big at the time. During your stops, have fun with the kids. Collect rocks or play car games. Our favorite is the License Plate Game. Just keep in mind, the memories you're creating from a road trip with an infant are just the same as always. Take the challenge and have FUN!

What are some tips you have for traveling with an infant?


  1. I remember the days of traveling with little ones, and it can definitely be a challenge. Such a great idea to stay at a place with it's own kitchen, and I love the idea of a mirror to see what everybody's up to! But you're so right, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have fun. x

  2. Yessss, traveling with an infant can be such a hassle when you're not prepared. I love your post and your tips are so important, I too love adding the mirrors to be able to view the kids in the back! I also agree that it is so important to enjoy your trip!

  3. I traveled with my daughter all the time. We overpacked, I am sure, but we always had everything that we needed. I did not travel much with the triplets when they were infants. It was just too overwhelming. We travel with them now, and it is fun!

  4. These are great tips for sure. My tip for people with infants is to TRAVEL! Some people think they have to stay inside and just hold the baby. no way! Get out while they are portable!

  5. I don't have a kid yet but I do have a sister who has one. Anyhow, even without kids I can see how helpful these tips are! Just goes to show that having kids is not a hindrance to travel sprees. Great content!

  6. It's all about breaks! You think you'll be travelling for a certain amount of time, but you also have to give yourself leeway for potty breaks, hungry breaks, or angry breaks (they happen!). Totally love your list because I agree with every single point.

  7. Thank you for the reminder that it's an opportunity to make memories. I often get distracted with checking off tasks and getting to my destination that I don't enjoy the journey. Traveling with a little one is difficult, so these tips will be key in enjoying the experience.

  8. Goodness, I remember those days of traveling with an infant and a toddler at the same time. It seems like you have to bring the whole house with you. Well that is what it was like with my first born, but got so much easier with my second. You have to take breaks with kids or it just gets frustrating when traveling. Having a helpful spouse is also a plus.

  9. Great great tips! Backing your car the night before is genius. I would have never thought of that.


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