GREAT Kids Snack Box - Week Two♥

CONVENIENT for parents, FUN for kids!
Surprise your kids with a GREAT Kids Snack Box! Help them learn the importance of healthy eating, by discovering a box of 30 organic & all-natural snacks personally addressed to them!

Here are the snacks Lily chose for Week Two -

  • Monday - Barre Cinnamon Pecan Food Bar - We have never seen this kind of food bar but Lily really enjoyed it! She said she loved the Cinnamon Pecan flavor and that it was made by two dancers!
  • Tuesday - Annie's Berry Berry Granola Bar - Lily has tried these before and wasn't a huge fan. She doesn't like the texture of the granola.  
  • Wednesday - Barney & Co Almond Butter Raw + Chia - This was something very new for us, we usually use almond butter on toast not in a single serving. Lily enjoyed it though, she said at first it was different but she liked the flavor! 
  • Thursday - Nature's Bakery Rasperry Fig Bar - Again these are Lily's favorite! She likes that a few packs were included. 
  • Friday - Lily had two snacks on Friday (One for School and the other for Dance) One Bar Mango - Different but good! She loved the mango flavor and said it felt like she was eating an actual mango. Baked Lentil Chips Parmesan Garlic - Delicious chips! They go great with salsa but we didn't have time to pack any since we were late for dance. All in all Lily enjoyed them.
  • Saturday - Bitsy's Brain food Orange Chocolate Beet Smart Cookies - Lily enjoyed the first flavor she tried from Bitsy's Brain food but she said this one was a little weird. I really like that they have an excellent source of Vitamins! Not a lot of "cookies" have that.
This week was interesting. Lily tried a lot of new snacks and most were a hit! She's usually so picky. I'm really loving this subscription box. Be sure to check back next week for Week 3 of our Great Kids Snack Box adventure.

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DISCLAIMER: All products received are complimentary for testing purposes from GREAT Kids Snacks. All opinions stated are my own and are not influenced by any affiliates.


  1. That's an interesting box! Any idea of the price and how many you get in a box?

  2. I really would love to try this one! I think it would not only come in handy for the kiddo but also for me- taking them to the Gym!

  3. This sounds really interesting! I've never tried anything like this before! Sounds good!

    Caitlin Fore

  4. Sounds like fantastic snack options. I am always short on good snacks!

  5. this looks great. I'm always looking for new snacks for the kids so the same things don't get old.

  6. This definitely looks like the kind of snack option that would get rave reviews in my house!

  7. You know they're good when they pass the picky kid inspection! Sounds like a winning box to me!

  8. Those snacks sound really great. I think my kids would probably love them.


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