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I've been so wrapped up in posting Reviews and Giveaways I keep forgetting to post just a little about my personal life! I know a lot of my fans are extremely interested in how my family is doing since going GMO-free. So I wanted to take a little time out and talk about us!

We have been organic/GMO-free for about 3 months now and it's going pretty good. It really isn't a question like before. I use to question if this was the right choice for us and I'm so thankful we stuck with it. Everyone always asks me how do we save money? Or whats the trick? Here's my answer. I have no tricks and we hardly ever save money, unless something is on sale BUT it's worth it to us! Personally you have to want to make this choice not just you but as a family!! I'm extremely thankful my fiance supports this decision because it would be ruff without his opinion.

I've also been asked where do we shop? Simple, either Whole Foods or Big Y. They are both local, well Big Y is right up the street and they sell the basics, expect they started selling MEAT!! I almost fainted when I noticed that!!! And Whole Foods is almost 30 minutes away, we get just about everything there. That store is my heaven! Oh and we recently noticed Target sells Annie's a lot cheaper than most stores so we occasionally go there when the girls want mac & cheese!

We notice a difference in just about everything. The girls do also, they both prefer organic! Lily can read brands so she knows if/when something is or isn't organic, it's super cute to see her gain knowledge with us. We can walk down the cereal aisle and she will ask for something organic vs Cap'n Crunch. (which use to be her favorite) I can't help but brag because it makes me feel so proud that I am showing her right from wrong. She's in first grade so I do pack her lunch/snack for school everyday! She loves it and so do I, I like knowing what she eats, there's no guessing or questioning! Even if it means waking up at 6am! ;)

I usually don't do this but I just want to share a recent picture of my girls, so you can see how happy they truly are! 


  1. Way to go. That is awesome teaching and giving your kids the right and healthy food for them.

    1. Since I've read your post I am planning to GO ORGANIC too!

  2. How fantastic - and your girls do look so so happy! I really think you can taste the differences with organic food! x

  3. Your girls are so adorable! And congrats on going GMO-free!!

  4. 1. Your girls are gorgeous. 2. Congrats on making such a great commitment with your family. I think it is a fantastic choice. It would be a very hard change for my family I believe, but I know it would be worth it! Great job! (Facebook TJ Sims)

  5. They are precious! It is great that you are able to do this and are happy with the results! That is all that matters :)

  6. Great post, I love the pic of your children. So cute!! Love the commitment you made with your family. Thanks for sharing. I found your post from Karmabloggers on FB. My name on there is Alicia Justice

  7. That's so wonderful that you made the total GMO switch. I've cut out all 'boxed' meals (except certified organic, like Annie's) and all of our produce is organic or not on the dirty dozen list. I'd love to get our meats switched to pastured / organic


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