Graduation Cupcakes♥

Since my daughters school doesn't do Kindergarten Gradations (LAME!) I took the matter into my own hands and decided to do something for her at home.

After hours and hours on Pinterest I found the cutest idea, Graduation Cupcakes!!!
So with a few simple ingredients and step by step instructions here's the finale product:

All you need is:
Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares
Mini M&M's
Twizzlers Pull N Peel
Chocolate Chips (to melt and use as glue to hold the topper pieces together)

To assemble:
1. Pull and Peel the Twizzlers. Using a sharp knife, cut one peel in half.
2. Group the items for each topper. 1 Reese's cup, 1 chocolate square, 1 Twizzler, and 1 mini M&M.
3. Melt a small amount of chocolate chips in a bowl, I used a toothpick to spread the chocolate. 
Using the chocolate as glue, dip the toothpick in chocolate and spread it on the Reese cup, then top with a Chocolate square. Dip the toothpick again to secure the M&M and Twizzler. 
4. Center on top of each cupcake and ENJOY!

 And, just because I'm super proud and can't help myself, here is my Kindergarten Graduate

Also a BIG congrats to all of your grads this year, hopefully this cupcake idea will help make their day extra sweet!


  1. What a great idea! I am pinning this for next year's kindergarten graduation!!

  2. Those are super cute!! And congrats!

  3. They are so cute!! They look tasty as well :) X

  4. Totally cute! Told you, you could do it!

  5. Very adorable for a kindergarten or 8th grade graduation celebration!

  6. These are so cute! I am definitely saving this for future grads!

  7. These are adorable! Love the mini Reese cups!

  8. Those are so cute! No one in my family is moving to a different school this year but I may have to make them anyway - just because.

  9. Those are really cute! That is so lame that they don't have a mini graduation ceremony--congrats to your daughter <3


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