Influenster Makeover♥

I am so in love with Influensters new website I decided to blog about the benefits and joys of being an Influenster Tester. 

I've only received two VoxBox's (Mom VoxBox & Latina Beauty VoxBox) I do plan/hope on receiving more in the future, if I qualify! 
Here are three very simple questions and my answers to them. 

What do I like about Influenster?
I like that you get samples and after you test something and review it, you qualify for Challenge prizes. Makes blogging about it that much more fun. I also like that they just don't give the Boxs away, you have to take surveys and see if you qualify for every VoxBox. Seems pointless, yes. But it actually makes much more sense then just giving something to someone who doesn't have a certain pet or certain type of allergy. Instead you take a simple 2-5 minute survey to see if you qualify for that certain VoxBox.

Would I change anything about Influenster?  

Absolutely not, I love how organized everything is. It's a very simple page to navigate. I also like that in order to register you need to be invited. Seems like a fabulous idea and more private. Not everyone can just sign up.

What does Influenster look like in a my perfect world? 

Probably having more VoxBox's. I love getting samples and I also enjoy writing reviews that others can read and see how a product works before purchasing. Maybe also reaching out a little more to the testers.
If you'd like receive an invite, feel free to leave your email and I will invite you! Serious testers ONLY!
If you are a tester already and haven't seen the new page, you are seriously missing out!!!! ;-)

Wanna check out Influenster for more information?

Well here is the website. Be sure to save and favorite it. I promise you won't regret it!


  1. i LOVE influenster. Its so darn hard to qualify and to get one. So you are one lucky lady to have gotten to 2 boxes.

    1. Its much easier with the new website! I hope you get more qualify for more VoxBox's! :)


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