Always Radiant Collection Review♥

I tested the Always radiant collection and Infinity pads that I received from the Latina VoxBox. Always has been the only brand I've used and I was actually excited to test out the new collection of  hygiene products.

I will only be reviewing the pads and pantiliner. I don't use tampons and don't plan on using them. They have always freaked me out and I just don't feel comfortable using them.
This is what was contained within the collection. The pad was thinner than most pads and was much softer. It is made with a material called Infinicel & it's supposed to absorb four times more than you may need. The pad is so thin I don't even notice that I'm wearing it. It is very comfortable. The pad also has an amazing scent. The pantiliner was like any other pantiliner, nothing amazing! I don't plan on using anything but Always and will be purchasing this collection in the future.

PROS: Comfortable, soft, light scent
CONS: Honestly I can't think of any

DISCLAIMER: All products received are complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster

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