Fingerling Unicorn Giveaway♥

The votes are in and Amanda and I will be giving away a Fingerling Unicorn!!!  

What's a Fingerling? I'm glad you asked.
A Fingerlings toy is a perfect fit for your finger, pocket, or backpack. It has a large head, wide-set, inky black eyes, a tiny nose, and a small, smiling mouth. It's also this years HOTTEST toy!

If you check out my Facebook page HERE, you can enter to win!!

Make sure you enter today, this giveaway ends Monday, November 27th at 11:59PM ET.

Goat Cheese and Avocado Toast♥

One thing I love is a recipe that is so simple, it almost shouldn't count as a recipe. But seriously this "recipe" was too good to not share. I'm jazzing up a basic piece of toast with avocado and crumbled goat cheese but not just any goat cheese, today I used Joan of Arc traditional goat cheese and right away I tasted the difference. My toast went from 0 - 100 and all I needed was three ingredients. 

Preparing for a Baby♥

I always knew I wanted a third baby or at least I thought I did. My husband was perfectly happy with our two beautiful, healthy daughters but he never completely ruled out the idea. We decided after we got married, we would try ONE more time. And surprise, we immediately got pregnant with our third daughter, who was born June 4th. When I was pregnant, I honestly thought all we needed to prepare for her arrival was a crib, travel system, and have diapers. Boy was I wrong, the more time went on I started to question if we were really prepared. So how exactly do you prepare for it all? It's not easy but I want to share a few tips, that helped me this time around and hopefully they can help you too.
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