2014 Holiday Gift Guide - ChapStick♥

'Tis the season for Kissable Lips with ChapStick. This year ChapStick is offering a variety of seasonally-inspired, limited-edition products to keep lips looking and feeling mistletoe ready throughout the holidays. This year's holiday offerings include new ChapStick mixstix Vanilla Candy Cane Milkshake, Pumpkin Pie, Candy Cane and a new holiday-themed tin containing ChapStick Candy Cane. 

GREAT Kids Snack Box - Week Three♥

Discover The Benefits... of Proper Nutrition. Each month your child receives a new assortment of great tasting, organic and all-natural snacks. These healthy snacks are a GREAT alternative to the artificial, grab-and-go snacks most children consume each day. With each GREAT Kids Snack your child discovers the benefits of proper nutrition, and avoids the chemical preservatives in snacks made with artificial ingredients. The nutritional benefits children experience in eating healthy snacks will give them a solid foundation to make positive food choices as they mature.

Here are the snacks Lily chose for Week Three -

2014 Holiday Gift Guide - Highlights♥

Devoted to "Fun with a Purpose," Highlights for Children, Inc. has helped children become their best selves for generations. Its flagship publication, Highlights magazine, the most recognizable and widely-read children's magazine in the nation, printed its billionth copy in June 2006. Other Highlights offerings include the magazine for children 2-6, Highlights High Five, Highlights for Children Book Clubs (Puzzlemania, Mathmania, Which Way USA?, Top Secret Adventures, and Hidden Pictures Playground). The company's editorial offices are in Honesdale, PA and business headquarters are in Columbus, OH.

GREAT Kids Snack Box - Week Two♥

CONVENIENT for parents, FUN for kids!
Surprise your kids with a GREAT Kids Snack Box! Help them learn the importance of healthy eating, by discovering a box of 30 organic & all-natural snacks personally addressed to them!

Here are the snacks Lily chose for Week Two -